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Elevating My Practice: A Glimpse into My Upcoming Studio

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing my blog in the past, I’ve had a difficult time keeping it going these past couple of years, mostly because I’ve been nestled away in my little temporary basement studio, in a kind of holding pattern as I wait for my new dream studio to be constructed behind our house. In my little space, I only have room for one tower and my Jumping Stretching Board, and that’s felt a bit limiting. I’ve still been traveling to teach courses and have been teaching tiny courses in my home studio, but it’s felt like I’m just waiting for this next phase to happen, and there hasn’t been much I’ve felt I need to write about.

But all that is about to change. Workers have been banging away outside for weeks now, and the new, beautiful building is pretty much framed. The roof will happen next, and then they can start on the interior. I can see it taking shape before my eyes, each day a little more done, and each day I’m closer to diving into my new work life. It’s all very exciting!

So what will that new work life look like? The studio will be fully equipped, with two towers, and I’m considering adding an Ultima XS (the tower with the built-in GYROTONER®) depending on space. I’ll have my GYROTONER®, which is currently in a storage unit, my Archway, which is currently broken down in my laundry room, and my JSB, and I’m getting a Leg Extension Unit. I’ll be able to teach a full array of course offerings in a space dedicated to focused teacher training.

With all this new space and equipment, I’ll also be greatly expanding my online offerings. I’ve really enjoyed providing the online and On-Demand classes because it helps me reach a much broader range of students and keeps my teaching accessibly priced. I’m looking forward to teaching a range of classes on the specialized equipment and expanding my GYROKINESIS® class offerings.

I’ll have regular teacher training courses, at least one each month, but most likely far more than that, and I’ll continue to see a small group of in-person clients. I’ve always enjoyed working with the trainers who come in for periodic, extended sessions to delve deeper into material and will be opening up more time for those looking for that sort of experience.

With a quiet, dedicated training space, designed for maximum natural light, located in a residential neighborhood that’s an easy walk to restaurants, groceries, and shopping, it will be an ideal location for people to train. There are many little Airbnbs tucked away all around the area for visiting students to stay, so no need to rent a car for those flying in. I’m also focused on keeping courses as affordable as possible, which I know is a concern given the 2024 price increases for training. I won’t be charging studio fees for courses I teach in my studio.

The new space should be ready in March or April, so to be safe, I’m looking to start scheduling courses in May. And once I’m up and running with it, I’ll be inviting colleagues to come teach courses and workshops as well.

I’m beyond excited for all of this, as it’s been a long-time dream and it’s finally happening! What courses would you like me to offer? I’m open to anything and taking requests!

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So happy for you, Aimee! The studio and your plans sound amazing! Where are you located?

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Aimee McDonald
Aimee McDonald
14 dic 2023
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Thanks! I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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